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Mission Statement

Cuba Outreach Ministry              Mission Statement

It is our purpose:

1) To meet regularly to carry out the Great Commission to the best of our ability as it pertains to Cuba.

2) To support pastors financially and to assist in church evangelism.

3) To assist in the teaching and training of national pastors and church leaders to become leaders in the church.

4) To assist in the teaching and training of Sunday school teachers and youth programs.

5) To promote Christian fellowship among the believers.

6) To help in social matters (especially among believers) by providing for their needs, as we are able.

7) To travel to Cuba at our personal expense as needed.

It is our intention:

1) To encourage prayer for the Cuban churches.

2) To encourage fellow believers to go to Cuba in order to accomplish our mission.

3) To pray for and accept funds from all legitimate sources in order to help support our ministries.

4) To report to The Great Commission Foundation and be accountable to them